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I love blogging – the capability of an individual or group to share their ideas, experience, and viewpoints to the world is one of the most magnificent aspects of today’s Internet. As I curate different topics on platforms like Scoop.It, Paper.Li, Storify, and Pearltrees, I follow the works of many other bloggers across industries such as electronics, education, manufacturing and information security.

The blogs I follow require several hours each day to read ad review, more to share their content with others, distilling the best of many for my own followers. I also love to blog myself at my personal site ( or through my STEMulate Learning and SOLID Learning educational blogs. As I write other books and articles, I am occasionally invited to provide guest blog posts on selected topics – InfoSec, Maker strategies, 3D Printing and other related topics are common.

Amazon.Com's (store) Blog

Recently, I was asked to write posts for’s Tech.Book(store) and was elated that they have already posted two of those articles:

I kept finding “bad” ones which had small pecan borer larva within the shell instead of delicious nutmeat. The gentleman taught me something unexpected that day – he told me to dunk my pecans in water first, tossing out any that floated because those were the ones with air pockets created by the borers. I left with many stories from the back-country and never had another bad pecan either.

I remember the man and the lessons he taught me every time I teach others, and try to always pass along the desire to spread knowledge in turn. If you are encouraged to guest blog about a topic of expertise or interest, consider taking the time to create at least a short post to share your own lessons with other readers who can pass them along in turn as well! Generating...