3D Printing for Dummies Cast Online Hangout

I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss 3D printing with my fellows from the “3D Printing for Dummies” book, sharing the discussion as part of a Google+ Hangout conducted by Element14 to address their members and anyone that was interested in the topic of a “3D Printing 101” introductory session.

I was invited by Element14 to join my co-author, Richard Horne, and our technical editor, Nathan Chapman, from the “3D Printing For Dummies” book to take part in the Hangout, which took some time to coordinate as Richard lives in the UK while Nathan and live stateside in the USA.

We spent some time talking about the open-source RepRap 3D printers, which Richard and I discussed in the build portions of our book, and free software for 3D modeling like TinkerCAD, so hopefully this will have helped others gets interested in the potential of additive manufacturing. Nathan and I are both contributors on Element14’s 3D Printing forum, while Richard and I are both available on Google+ to answer any questions that viewers may have.


This was an enjoyable Hangout, one I hope we will expand upon in the future based on current discussions with Element14. Richard, Nathan and I are also discussing an expanded series of books based on our success working together on the “For Dummies” title, and I look forward to discussing those books as we get closer to getting that in the works as well.

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