Auto 3D Bed Level and Speedy Case Print

This video shows the auto bed level servo with arm mount in operation on the MendelMax2, before a speeded-up (64x actual) 3D print of a Raspberry Pi case with OctoPrint image detail added. Originally part of the 3D Printing 101 … Continue reading

3D Printing – Cartridge or Generic?

When working with participants in STEMulate Learning workshops and the SOLID Learning educational program, I personally find it very hard to suggest that teachers select cartridge-based 3D printers because budgets for new tech in public schools can be so tight. … Continue reading

3D Printing for Dummies Cast Online Hangout

I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss 3D printing with my fellows from the “3D Printing for Dummies” book, sharing the discussion as part of a Google+ Hangout conducted by Element14 to address their members and anyone that was interested in … Continue reading

Sharing Concepts through 3D Printing

3D Printing has been used for rapid prototyping designs like the outer shell for recent XBox One desigs, but some vendors are offering their latest concept designs for public review and in order to build interest in new concept products. … Continue reading

3D Printing for Dummies is a #1 Best Seller at Amazon

Amazon's cover photo with the rating bar

The 3D Printing for Dummies book has been out at since the 13th of January, 2014. Amazon finally added my co-author’s name but is still working on proper credit for his involvement. Richard Horne’s Blog I had been a … Continue reading