Innovation and Prosperity

A Hawai'ian Makau made from pre-ban ivory, native Koa wood, mother of pearl and hand-braided cording

A dry hook catches no fish. Aloha. I am often asked about the fish hook I wear, which is the one shown in the picture here. This is a composite Makau (fish hook) fashioned after one in the Bishop Museum originally carved around … Continue reading

Magnetically-Propelled Wing-in-Ground-Effect Vehicle

Conceptualized wing-in-ground-effect high-speed rail transportation.

INTRODUCTION Personal travel and transportation of goods are the cornerstone of modernization and foster both cooperative and competitive efforts in a wide diversity of new markets hungry in one area for what is common in another. The development of transportation … Continue reading

Shared Interactive Telepresence

Conceptualized platform for shared telepresence using 12 independent student cameras.

Providing a shared interactive learning experience through telepresence, using an omni-environmental platform. ABSTRACT Telepresence provides a virtual method of experiencing events at remote or even hostile locations which the operator might be incapable of directly experiencing even if physical proximity … Continue reading

NeuroFeedback for Autism, ADHD and Asperger’s

The NeuroSky MindWave single-electrode brainwave sensor (EEG-based)

I am working on a training system for ADHD sufferers to improve concentration and focus using neurofeedback (a form of biofeedback) to let them know when they are maintaining focus – a preferrable state ( Traditional nerofeedback therapy can be … Continue reading

Inventing Merit Badge classes at TAMU MBU-2012

Lumitex fiber optic panel.

The Inventing classes were by far the most popular, as I had brought samples from supporters of the STEMulate Learning workshops. Konarka‘s flexible Power Plastic solar panels joined Acoustiblok‘s aerogel insulation and CRG‘s Veritex shape-memory polymer materials gave the scouts … Continue reading