Creating an IT Governance/GRC Program

Once we define the WHAT, HOW and WHY behind our IT control frameworks, we can begin to form the GRC office. GRC is a shortened form of Governance, Risk and Compliance, the three linked disciplines that help to guide IT Operations to provide controls over Ethics, Transparency and Alignment with Business objectives. Continue reading

IT Control Frameworks – WHY will we do it? (ITG/COBIT/CGEIT)

Within IT Control Frameworks, IT Governance (ITG) and frameworks such as COBIT 5 provide details on the Strategies needed for enterprise controls – defining WHY we will be doing (or ceasing to do) what is needed to create value. Continue reading

IT Control Framework Strategies – ITIL, PMP, and CGEIT

The spectrum of offerings within an enterprise require multiple control frameworks for Strategic (ITG), Tactical (PPP) and Operational (ITSM) levels with at least one professional standard path for each. Continue reading

Studies into Vacuum Fluctuations and Anti-particle/Particle pairing.

A recent paper reminded me of earlier studies regarding zero-point energy and vacuum fluctuations that provides explanations for the expansionary period of the Universe, dominance of Matter instead of Antimatter, and other principles without need of anti-material duplicates of each type of quark and other exotic materials. Continue reading

Auto 3D Bed Level and Speedy Case Print

This video shows the auto bed level servo with arm mount in operation on the MendelMax2, before a speeded-up (64x actual) 3D print of a Raspberry Pi case with OctoPrint image detail added. Originally part of the 3D Printing 101 … Continue reading