Shared Services in Texas Schools – Part 10 – What is in a Name?

<- Back to Part 9 – The Way Ahead According to Greek philosophers, the first law of thought is that “each thing is the same with itself and different from another” otherwise known as a law of identity. This is a common idea … Continue reading

Terrorist Threat in MMOs – Part 8 – Conclusion

<- Back to Part 7 – Anonymity MMOEs provide terrorist organizations with the tools necessary to extend membership, train operatives, and attack targets of interest. These activities do not rely upon traditional communication protocols and may be further concealed within … Continue reading

Reconciling the apparent wave/particle duality of light

Due to the relativistic dilation applied to photons travelling at C, resulting in an “undefined” value for the experiential passage of time for the massless photon (a measure of external objective time divided by the square root of zero), the apparent particle-/wave-like … Continue reading

TACC – Where not all HPC is Flashy

The TACC (Texas Advance Computing Center) is the premier high-performance computing (HPC) center at the University of Texas. I frequently use it as an illustration of a technology showcase that is highly functional across a wide range of different strategies, … Continue reading

3D Printing – Cartridge or Generic?

When working with participants in STEMulate Learning workshops and the SOLID Learning educational program, I personally find it very hard to suggest that teachers select cartridge-based 3D printers because budgets for new tech in public schools can be so tight. … Continue reading