Auto 3D Bed Level and Speedy Case Print

This video shows the auto bed level servo with arm mount in operation on the MendelMax2, before a speeded-up (64x actual) 3D print of a Raspberry Pi case with OctoPrint image detail added. Originally part of the 3D Printing 101 … Continue reading

3D Printed Firearms and the Third Industrial Revolution

Liberator 3D-Printed Gun

Multiple concerns have been raised with regards to the potential for 3D printers to replicate firearms, which is a matter of particular concern to governments who restrict their citizens from firearm ownership. The first area in which this issue was … Continue reading

3D Printing for Dummies in Artistic Sculpture

Print2Peer Icon for 3D Printing for Dummies book's tiles.

Artist Jeff de Boer developed the idea for a sculpture he termed “Linked.” This display was intended for display at a Canadian Maker-related event and is made of individual tiles created by members of the public using 3D printers. Tiles … Continue reading