Guest Blog Posts

Amazon.Com's (store) Blog

I love blogging – the capability of an individual or group to share their ideas, experience, and viewpoints to the world is one of the most magnificent aspects of today’s Internet. As I curate different topics on platforms like Scoop.It, … Continue reading

3D Printing for Kids at Exhibits

As I am layout out examples to use in my upcoming book, 3D Printing for Dummies, I realized that many of our lessons learned from STEMulate Learning/SOLID Learning workshops might be useful for readers interested in setting up their own … Continue reading

RepRap in 3D Printing for Dummies

In my upcoming book, “3D Printing for Dummies,” I will be examining the potential for additive manufacturing (also called 3D printing) and direct digital manufacturing as well as its potential to disrupt traditional mass manufacturing production lines. In looking at … Continue reading

NeuroFeedback for Autism, ADHD and Asperger’s

The NeuroSky MindWave single-electrode brainwave sensor (EEG-based)

I am working on a training system for ADHD sufferers to improve concentration and focus using neurofeedback (a form of biofeedback) to let them know when they are maintaining focus – a preferrable state ( Traditional nerofeedback therapy can be … Continue reading