3D Printing for Dummies is a #1 Best Seller at Amazon

Amazon's cover photo with the rating bar

The 3D Printing for Dummies book has been out at Amazon.com since the 13th of January, 2014. Amazon finally added my co-author’s name but is still working on proper credit for his involvement. Richard Horne’s Blog I had been a … Continue reading

Security+ 4th Edition

Exam Cram Security+ SYO-401 Icon

Now that 3D Printing for Dummies is available at stores and Cloud Essentials is in use at schools like Sustainable Enterprise Architecture, I am getting started on a quick fun project to update the Security+ Exam Cram for the SYO-401 … Continue reading

3D Printing for Dummies in Artistic Sculpture

Print2Peer Icon for 3D Printing for Dummies book's tiles.

Artist Jeff de Boer developed the idea for a sculpture he termed “Linked.” This display was intended for display at a Canadian Maker-related event and is made of individual tiles created by members of the public using 3D printers. Tiles … Continue reading

RepRap in 3D Printing for Dummies

In my upcoming book, “3D Printing for Dummies,” I will be examining the potential for additive manufacturing (also called 3D printing) and direct digital manufacturing as well as its potential to disrupt traditional mass manufacturing production lines. In looking at … Continue reading

Wiley shows 3D Printing for Dummies on their site!

Wiley was kind enough to task me with writing in their popular “for Dummies” imprint again, this time in a title focused on additive manufacturing (also called 3D Printing) and its potential to impact and disrupt traditional production channels as … Continue reading