15 Steps for Science Crowdfunding Success

#SciFund Round 2 design for donor PathTag gifts

Across two rounds of the #SciFund Challenge, I have participated to bring crowd-funding to my research and provide support for the STEMulate Learning program’s workshops. Beyond my own projects, I also have continued expanding the overall social media presence of the … Continue reading

Using a hashtag in your product or event’s official name

An interesting issue arose when curating the #SciFund topic for the #SciFund Challenge effort at crowdfunding science (my project’s link: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/3814-stemulate-learning). By curating the topic across so many platforms, I was generating a tremendous volume of Twitter traffic – each … Continue reading

Thank you, Vladimir Vukicevic, for Fueling my project, STEMulate Learning!

Via Scoop.it – #SciFundVladimir Vukicevic just Fueled my project, STEMulate Learning, with 20 liters of RocketFuel. Thank you, Vladimir for supporting the #SciFund Challenge and the STEMulate Learning lab! http://www.rockethub.com/projects/3814-stemulate-learning

STEMulate Learning has Launched!

Via Scoop.it – STEM Studies “Scrap-heap Supercomputing” workshops using surplus equipment have already shown tremendous development of interest in STEM studies for middle-school through college-level participants! These short-term workshops also contributed more than 4 years worth of computing power in … Continue reading

Open-Research-Proposals at GitHub

Crowdfunding Science Crowdfunding research and scientific inquiry at GitHub – the “Open-Research-Proposals” hub bills their concept as “A place to draft grant proposals in the open.” Wikiversity user OpenScientist is developing a hub focusing on crowdfunded grant writing, coupled to … Continue reading

How to get your SciFund project funded: advice from someone who has been there

Via Scoop.it – Crowdfunding ScienceLindsey Hoshaw is a freelance journalist and crowdfunding pioneer. Way back in 2009, she ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund her science and shares her thoughts on successful research crowdfunding practices. She discusses the use of … Continue reading