IT Governance Questions

IT Governance requires the answers to three fundamental questions:
“What decisions to make?”
“Who should make the decisions?”
“How to make and monitor the decisions?” Continue reading

Creating an IT Governance/GRC Program

Once we define the WHAT, HOW and WHY behind our IT control frameworks, we can begin to form the GRC office. GRC is a shortened form of Governance, Risk and Compliance, the three linked disciplines that help to guide IT Operations to provide controls over Ethics, Transparency and Alignment with Business objectives. Continue reading

Educational Network Saturation

Educational networks are constantly fighting against external malware affronts, with millions of individual items turned away by campus firewalls and other forms of malware defensive measures. Almost 10 years ago, the average time an unpatched machine could be on the … Continue reading

Educational Computing and the Legacy of Silos

Educational computing emerged in its origin within early data processing systems whose presence made research possible for a department or researcher ahead of their fellows lacking the same information systems, resulting in the isolation of information technology within early technical support silos along entirely … Continue reading

Charting a course

Compass and Charts

While I have written a number of books about IT Governance, Information Security, Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Computing and various technologies that can assist in these tasks, whether planning strategies for public governmental higher-education, commercial international technology, or private healthcare – these … Continue reading