Reconciling the apparent wave/particle duality of light

Due to the relativistic dilation applied to photons travelling at C, resulting in an “undefined” value for the experiential passage of time for the massless photon (a measure of external objective time divided by the square root of zero), the apparent particle-/wave-like … Continue reading

WIG Hovertrain: Innovation Takes Time

MagLev Icon

In 2012, I wanted to share my idea for a form of rapid transportation that uses magnets for propulsion and the wing-in-ground-effect (WIG) for suspension above a track. Various “hovertrain” ideas using air suspension have been examined since before I was born, … Continue reading

Innovation and Prosperity

A Hawai'ian Makau made from pre-ban ivory, native Koa wood, mother of pearl and hand-braided cording

A dry hook catches no fish. Aloha. I am often asked about the fish hook I wear, which is the one shown in the picture here. This is a composite Makau (fish hook) fashioned after one in the Bishop Museum originally carved around … Continue reading

Magnetically-Propelled Wing-in-Ground-Effect Vehicle

Conceptualized wing-in-ground-effect high-speed rail transportation.

INTRODUCTION Personal travel and transportation of goods are the cornerstone of modernization and foster both cooperative and competitive efforts in a wide diversity of new markets hungry in one area for what is common in another. The development of transportation … Continue reading

Shared Interactive Telepresence

Conceptualized platform for shared telepresence using 12 independent student cameras.

Providing a shared interactive learning experience through telepresence, using an omni-environmental platform. ABSTRACT Telepresence provides a virtual method of experiencing events at remote or even hostile locations which the operator might be incapable of directly experiencing even if physical proximity … Continue reading

Biomimetic Propless Submersible Propulsion

Original 1999/2000 design for the propless sub test platform

Reducing detectable vehicle presence during submerged operation using a biomimicry buoyancy-derived propless propulsion system ABSTRACT Submerged vehicles generally obtain movement and maneuvering thrust through the use of powered propeller thrusters that generate a significant audio presence in the vicinity of … Continue reading

NeuroFeedback for Autism, ADHD and Asperger’s

The NeuroSky MindWave single-electrode brainwave sensor (EEG-based)

I am working on a training system for ADHD sufferers to improve concentration and focus using neurofeedback (a form of biofeedback) to let them know when they are maintaining focus – a preferrable state ( Traditional nerofeedback therapy can be … Continue reading