IT Governance Questions

IT Governance requires the answers to three fundamental questions:
“What decisions to make?”
“Who should make the decisions?”
“How to make and monitor the decisions?” Continue reading

Creating an IT Governance/GRC Program

Once we define the WHAT, HOW and WHY behind our IT control frameworks, we can begin to form the GRC office. GRC is a shortened form of Governance, Risk and Compliance, the three linked disciplines that help to guide IT Operations to provide controls over Ethics, Transparency and Alignment with Business objectives. Continue reading

IT Control Frameworks – WHY will we do it? (ITG/COBIT/CGEIT)

Within IT Control Frameworks, IT Governance (ITG) and frameworks such as COBIT 5 provide details on the Strategies needed for enterprise controls – defining WHY we will be doing (or ceasing to do) what is needed to create value. Continue reading

IT Control Framework Strategies – ITIL, PMP, and CGEIT

The spectrum of offerings within an enterprise require multiple control frameworks for Strategic (ITG), Tactical (PPP) and Operational (ITSM) levels with at least one professional standard path for each. Continue reading

Shared Services in Texas Schools – Part 10 – What is in a Name?

<- Back to Part 9 – The Way Ahead According to Greek philosophers, the first law of thought is that “each thing is the same with itself and different from another” otherwise known as a law of identity. This is a common idea … Continue reading

Educational Network Saturation

Educational networks are constantly fighting against external malware affronts, with millions of individual items turned away by campus firewalls and other forms of malware defensive measures. Almost 10 years ago, the average time an unpatched machine could be on the … Continue reading

Getting Past the Culture of “No”

One of the words best removed from the language is the raw negative of a “No!” This simple phrase reduces so many different ideas and concepts to nothingness, forever denying their value before it has been weighed and measured critically. … Continue reading

Shared Services in Texas Schools – Part 9 – The Way Ahead

< Back to Part 8 – Transition                                                   On To Part 10 – What is in a Name? -> THE WAY AHEAD John E. Jones is quoted as saying “What gets measured gets done, what gets measured and fed back gets done well, what … Continue reading

Shared Services in Texas Schools – Part 8 – Transition

< Back to Part 7 – Centers of Excellence                                          On to Part 9 – The Way Ahead > TRANSITION FROM TODAY As I mentioned in the introductory Shared Services post, money for technology and control of its allocation carries political and Academic standing issues … Continue reading