Studies into Vacuum Fluctuations and Anti-particle/Particle pairing.

A recent paper reminded me of earlier studies regarding zero-point energy and vacuum fluctuations that provides explanations for the expansionary period of the Universe, dominance of Matter instead of Antimatter, and other principles without need of anti-material duplicates of each type of quark and other exotic materials. Continue reading

Terrorist Threat in MMOs – Part 8 – Conclusion

<- Back to Part 7 – Anonymity MMOEs provide terrorist organizations with the tools necessary to extend membership, train operatives, and attack targets of interest. These activities do not rely upon traditional communication protocols and may be further concealed within … Continue reading

Reconciling the apparent wave/particle duality of light

Due to the relativistic dilation applied to photons travelling at C, resulting in an “undefined” value for the experiential passage of time for the massless photon (a measure of external objective time divided by the square root of zero), the apparent particle-/wave-like … Continue reading

Terrorist Threat in MMOs – Part 3 – Organization

<- Back to Part 2 – Intro                                                                       On to Part 4 – Development -> Public and private websites provide terrorist organizations opportunities to attract, identify and communicate with potential new recruits. Information shared through these online drop boxes can be used … Continue reading