Sharing Concepts through 3D Printing

3D Printing has been used for rapid prototyping designs like the outer shell for recent XBox One desigs, but some vendors are offering their latest concept designs for public review and in order to build interest in new concept products. … Continue reading

15 Steps for Science Crowdfunding Success

#SciFund Round 2 design for donor PathTag gifts

Across two rounds of the #SciFund Challenge, I have participated to bring crowd-funding to my research and provide support for the STEMulate Learning program’s workshops. Beyond my own projects, I also have continued expanding the overall social media presence of the … Continue reading

Using a hashtag in your product or event’s official name

An interesting issue arose when curating the #SciFund topic for the #SciFund Challenge effort at crowdfunding science (my project’s link: By curating the topic across so many platforms, I was generating a tremendous volume of Twitter traffic – each … Continue reading

Thank you, Vladimir Vukicevic, for Fueling my project, STEMulate Learning!

Via – #SciFundVladimir Vukicevic just Fueled my project, STEMulate Learning, with 20 liters of RocketFuel. Thank you, Vladimir for supporting the #SciFund Challenge and the STEMulate Learning lab!

STEMulate Learning has Launched!

Via – STEM Studies “Scrap-heap Supercomputing” workshops using surplus equipment have already shown tremendous development of interest in STEM studies for middle-school through college-level participants! These short-term workshops also contributed more than 4 years worth of computing power in … Continue reading