3D Printing – Cartridge or Generic?

When working with participants in STEMulate Learning workshops and the SOLID Learning educational program, I personally find it very hard to suggest that teachers select cartridge-based 3D printers because budgets for new tech in public schools can be so tight. … Continue reading

3D Printing for Kids at Exhibits

As I am layout out examples to use in my upcoming book, 3D Printing for Dummies, I realized that many of our lessons learned from STEMulate Learning/SOLID Learning workshops might be useful for readers interested in setting up their own … Continue reading

RepRap in 3D Printing for Dummies

In my upcoming book, “3D Printing for Dummies,” I will be examining the potential for additive manufacturing (also called 3D printing) and direct digital manufacturing as well as its potential to disrupt traditional mass manufacturing production lines. In looking at … Continue reading

15 Steps for Science Crowdfunding Success

#SciFund Round 2 design for donor PathTag gifts

Across two rounds of the #SciFund Challenge, I have participated to bring crowd-funding to my research and provide support for the STEMulate Learning program’s workshops. Beyond my own projects, I also have continued expanding the overall social media presence of the … Continue reading

Innovation and Prosperity

A Hawai'ian Makau made from pre-ban ivory, native Koa wood, mother of pearl and hand-braided cording

A dry hook catches no fish. Aloha. I am often asked about the fish hook I wear, which is the one shown in the picture here. This is a composite Makau (fish hook) fashioned after one in the Bishop Museum originally carved around … Continue reading