Production Mobility in the Third Industrial Revolution

A black plastic siling ship within a clear plastic "bottle" shape.

A manufacturer of 3D printers, Objet, provides a remarkable example of their 3D printing capability using a dark opaque plastic to create a whole ship nestled within a bottle made of transparent plastic. Just as 3D printers can now create … Continue reading

3D Printing Shattering Traditional Practices

When we consider the impact of the Third Industrial Revolution as we look ahead, 3d printing, crowd funding, robotics, ad-hoc media content, and a host of other technologies offer a means to not only alter the course of production but … Continue reading

3D Printing and Planned Obsolescence

The capability for product personalization and customization in the Third Industrial Revolution offers a way to eliminate the traditional roll-out of “this year’s model” and the concept of planned obsolescence that is behind the current economic cycle: [produce→consume→discard→repeat] As an example … Continue reading

3D Printing and Production

There is no doubt that technologies like additive manufacturing will transform many industries and could repatriate manufacturing tasks currently outsourced to locations beneficial to lower-cost mass production. This in turn may well impact industries involved in the transportation and storage … Continue reading

Magnetically-Propelled Wing-in-Ground-Effect Vehicle

Conceptualized wing-in-ground-effect high-speed rail transportation.

INTRODUCTION Personal travel and transportation of goods are the cornerstone of modernization and foster both cooperative and competitive efforts in a wide diversity of new markets hungry in one area for what is common in another. The development of transportation … Continue reading