Auto 3D Bed Level and Speedy Case Print

This video shows the auto bed level servo with arm mount in operation on the MendelMax2, before a speeded-up (64x actual) 3D print of a Raspberry Pi case with OctoPrint image detail added. Originally part of the 3D Printing 101 … Continue reading

3D Printing for Dummies Cast Online Hangout

I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss 3D printing with my fellows from the “3D Printing for Dummies” book, sharing the discussion as part of a Google+ Hangout conducted by Element14 to address their members and anyone that was interested in … Continue reading

Wiley shows 3D Printing for Dummies on their site!

Wiley was kind enough to task me with writing in their popular “for Dummies” imprint again, this time in a title focused on additive manufacturing (also called 3D Printing) and its potential to impact and disrupt traditional production channels as … Continue reading